Good reads and next steps

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For anybody contemplating a career in freelance translation, or wondering how to take their existing practice to the next level, I’m not alone in recommending the books and workshops offered by ATA-certified French-English translator Corinne McKay. In addition, for information on all things technology in the translation industry, be sure to take a look at Jost Zetzsche Tool Box Journal.

The above resources are just a sampling of the great work being done to promote the translation profession, raise technology awareness in the field, and help clients navigate an often unfamiliar industry. Below are posts about additional articles, studies, and websites that feature translation topics.


Tech shake-up in the translation industry (5/29/2014) - In the GeekSpeak column of this month’s ATA Chronicle, Jost Zetztsche argues that technology is indeed changing the landscape of the translation industry, just not in the way we thought. Clients are becoming more educated about the prospects and pitfalls of machine translation and crowdsourcing. So, are we heading toward a homogeneous landscape of large-scale suppliers seeking drastic cuts in their use […]


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